Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence in Grand Rapids? Get an Attorney

An alarming trend is sweeping the nation, and it is present here in Grand Rapids, MI, as well. An increasing number of people are falsely accusing their partners of domesticviolence or domestic abuse. Not only does this clog up the courts with innocent people having to prove that they are not abusive, but it also besmirches the good name and horrific plight of those who truly have been abused and are desperately trying to rebuild their lives while ensuring their safety. If you have been accused of domesticviolence, you definitely need to find an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Again, when actual abuse has occurred, it must be understood that it is completely unacceptable; however, because of the way that domesticviolence laws are worded, there is wide latitude for interpretation. In some cases, a person can be found guilty of abuse if they raised their voice in anger, lifted a hand as though to strike [even if they never did], or made the other person in any way fearful that they would be in danger. If the accused is physically larger than the accuser, it can also give the impression that they could easily be a “threatening presence.”

There are many reasons why one partner would falsely accuse the other of domesticviolence. Sometimes the accusation is made when an argument becomes heated and one partner simply wants to “get back” at the other. In most cases, however, it arises from a pending divorce settlement or child custody case. One parent will try to portray the other as abusive and unfit in order to win emotionally charged child custody battles or to get a better divorce settlement. Once the accusation has been made, regardless of the fact that there may be no trace of truth in it, it can be very difficult to undo.

If you have been accused of domesticviolence, it can damage your reputation and your future. If you are convicted of such a charge, it can be very difficult to rebuild your life or to enter into meaningful personal relationships in the future. It is very important that you not allow this allegation to define who you are or who you will be in the future. One way to prevent any negative fallout from the charge is to retain the services of an attorney who is familiar with domesticviolence and abuse defense and who is committed to making sure that your receive the justice that you are due. Contact an attorney in Grand Rapids, MI today so that you can begin the process of rebuilding your name, your life, and your reputation.

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