Get the Backyard Ready for Summer in Marlboro with Pest Control Services

Mar 27, 20 Get the Backyard Ready for Summer in Marlboro with Pest Control Services

The weather is warming up outside and that means mosquitos and other backyard pests are starting to come out of hiding. It’s best to get ahead of the summer swarms and call this pest control service to take care of problem mosquitoes in Marlboro, NJ, before your first barbecue with friends.

Pest Control to Feel Good About

Some people avoid calling pest control services because they don’t want harmful chemicals sprayed or planted around their home, especially if children or pets are nearby. Rather than worry about your kids or how your four-legged friend will react to the chemicals in the yard, use this company’s green solution for mosquito and tick removal. The solution is made of all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or poisons on the property.

Choosing A Preferred Treatment Option

There are several different treatment packages available to customers depending on the severity of their problem with mosquitoes in Marlboro, NJ. The company is already proficient in ridding your property of several different pests, and each of their packages focuses on a particular grouping of pests. Most of them are year-round with quarterly visits, but you have the option of choosing which pests you want them to focus on. Whether you need help getting rid of furry critters, stinging bugs, or wood-eating creatures, they have a solution to your problem.

Contact Freehold Pest Control to learn more about their pest control packages and the many critters they can get rid of for you.

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