Glass Wine Cellars in Sugar Land, TX Protect the Beverages From Extremes in Temperature and Humidity

Feb 18, 19 Glass Wine Cellars in Sugar Land, TX Protect the Beverages From Extremes in Temperature and Humidity

Glass wine cellars in Sugar Land TX provide climate control for a collection of wine the buyer wants to protect from heat and humidity. This equipment manages the temperature and has a vapor barrier. Double-pane glass protects the interior of the cellar from the exterior air. Even if the central air conditioning or whole-house dehumidifier malfunctions, the wine will remain safe.

Racks Are Not Enough

The racks in glass wine cellars in Sugar Land TX will keep the wine stored at the right angle, so corks do not dry out. People without a wine cellar often at least buy a rack so they can store the bottles this way. That is generally not quite enough protection for higher-end varieties that the buyer may not open for a long time. This person wants the beverage to taste exactly as the winemakers intended.

The Importance of Humidity Control

The cellar manages humidity to keep it at an optimum level of around 50 to 60 percent. In arid climates, the cellar actually increases the humidity, an effect that many people would not have expected. Yet a lower humidity level can gradually cause moisture inside the bottle to move into the cork and evaporate. Wine can deteriorate with the environment being too humid or not humid enough.

Energy-Efficient Systems

Homeowners in this region naturally want an energy-efficient system installed by a company such as Lone Star Glass, Inc. It’s hot and muggy here much of the time, and adding this extra feature to the home will raise the electric bill further. They prefer to keep the cost as low as possible while not risking any compromises to the wine quality. With the extremes in temperature and dew point experienced in this area, wine stored for years outside a specially designed cellar is likely to develop changes in its characteristics.

Personalizing the Design

Customers have the opportunity to personalize the design of this wine cellar so it fits in well where it will be placed. They may want a certain type of wood and finish, along with specific materials for the countertop. Cabinetry can be included.

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