How A Cosmetic Dentist in Wheaton Can Change Your Life

May 05, 21 How A Cosmetic Dentist in Wheaton Can Change Your Life

You can view a YouTube Channel to discover some of the things that a cosmetic dentist in Wheaton can do for your teeth. It seems like there are so many things that can go wrong with teeth. Accidentally biting down on a fork can cause a tooth problem that is very visible when you smile. Getting hit in the mouth while playing a sport can also result in cosmetic damage that may make you feel embarrassed to smile. Of course, there is also Father Time. Age can cause teeth to have a worn and discolored appearance. That morning cup of coffee that you have enjoyed before work for many years may have stained your teeth.

Scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in Wheaton can help you to assess your options. If you feel your teeth are just too dark because of excessive staining, whitening may be all that is needed for you. But understand that whitening isn’t recommended for all cases. Existing tooth decay will have to be treated before any whitening process is started.

Whitening teeth that are suffering from decay may make the decay stand out. Also, decay that isn’t treated will just continue to expand its territory. This may cause the eventual loss of a tooth. At your consultation, you may hear some terms that are new to you. Are you familiar with bonding? It’s a process where materials are used to help deal with certain cosmetic defects. Discoloration can be fixed with bonding. People with chipped and cracked teeth have been helped by the new materials that are being used to bond teeth.

Veneers are usually placed over teeth so that the front is covered. This can instantly give a discolored tooth the right color. Teeth that don’t have a good shape can also be corrected with veneers. After you have your teeth fixed by a cosmetic dentist, you’ll naturally want to protect the work. That may mean wearing a mouth guard if you continue to play sports after you have had dental work done. Cutting back on foods or drinks that stain your teeth will help your results last longer. Scheduling regular cleanings with the dentist who did the work can help the dentist monitor your teeth.

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