Let Paintless Dent Removal In Baltimore Fix All Of Your Small Dents And Dings

Mar 20, 14 Let Paintless Dent Removal In Baltimore Fix All Of Your Small Dents And Dings

Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore, sometimes called paintless dent repair or “PDR,” is a means of getting rid of minor dings and dents from the body of a car, truck or SUV. There is a lot of damage that can be fixed with PDR but if there is actual paint damage, PDR might be unsuitable. Most often PDR is for making repairs from door dings, hail damage and minor creases. Often the same techniques can be used to prepare panels for refinishing in a paint shop that also uses conventional body and paint methods. When used that way, it is often referred to as “Push” to (or before)painting.

The technology for PDR has been studied and used by Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore at Diamond Detail, Inc. They know that it came to North Americas from Europe in 1983 and quickly became popular for lease return cars. Diamond Detail, Inc. has helped increase its consumer repair popularity by developing expert techniques. They use body picks and metal rods to push the dents out from the under side of the body panels. They also use specially design tabs and glue from the outside to pull dents out. They then fine-tune the repair by tapping down the repair to get rid of shrink in the metal. The work takes a delicate touch so that they don’t push too hard or they could create severe “high spots” which could cause the clear coat to crack or split.

Any shop that does Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore has to know that there are factors that can limit the success of any repair using PDR, including knowing if the paint is flexible enough. The refined auto paints of today usually allow for a good PDR. They should also check to see how much the metal has been stretched by the dents and dings. The thickness of the metal and how intense the impact was that caused the dent will also let the techs know if the repair can be done. This is why they closely inspect the damage so they can advise the customer whether their dents and dings can be prepared with PDR or not. If the answer is not, they will advise the customer to get a more conventional type of body repairs. It is best if the customers know that very sharp dents or creases won’t qualify for PDR repairs.


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