Rochester & Troy, Michigan, Kitchen Remodel Pros Build Dream Rooms

Dec 04, 19 Rochester & Troy, Michigan, Kitchen Remodel Pros Build Dream Rooms

A professional kitchen remodel is one of the surest ways to increase you’re home’s overall perceived and inherent value. Plus, your kitchen is your home’s heart, serving as the hub of holiday celebrations, big family meals and daily interaction. The world of kitchen remodeling is vast and gorgeous. Here’s an appetizing summary of what’s possible.

Design & Installation Fit For a Celeb

A comprehensive kitchen remodel in Troy MI is a stellar opportunity for you to reflect your unique sensibilities and design potential. Explore the options of purchasing your cabinetry only, purchasing your cabinetry and having it installed or a full installation.

With the first option in which you purchase your cabinetry, you assume the role of project manager. After you select from a vast array of styles, colors and materials, you collab with your contractor to bring the look to life.

The second option begins the same as the first, except the seasoned, knowledgeable party who sells you the cabinetry also performs the installation, eliminating the contractor middle man.

The Benefits of Full Installation

A full installation of a kitchen remodel in Troy MI presents the option of working one on one with seasoned, professional kitchen designers. Kitchen designers guide you through the prelim step of reviewing your personal design style, pouring over inspiration photos as well as assessing your desires and needs.

After selecting your preferred cabinetry line, door style and finish, an in-home consultation takes place. A secondary design appointment often follows to reassess and solidify your desired outcome. After a final measure and a review, you sign a contract, wait for delivery and relish the magic of a full, professional installation.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s available and how you can use it to re-build a kitchen worthy of Architectural Digest. Beyond the aesthetics, a stellar kitchen remodel in Troy MI provides your family with a unique, standout focal point around which to create years of celebrations, beauty, comfort, joy and scrumptious eats.

Contact Acorn Kitchen today at, leading kitchen designers and product suppliers of kitchen remodel products in the Rochester and Troy, Michigan, areas.

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