The Importance of X-rays and your Pet’s Health

Many pet companions do not realize the importance of radiography and their pet’s health. In fact, veterinary experts have estimated that in dogs 80 percent have oral pathology and their feline friends do not fair that much better. Other conditions as well as accidents require x-rays for accurate diagnosis. Finding the Vets County Durham that can provide onsite x-rays will improve your pet’s chances for a long and happy life.

Oral Health Concerns
The oral health of both dogs and cats is very important. Dogs actually use their mouths much like you use your hands to carry things, play and even socialize. Both dogs and cats need healthy mouths to eat and drink. When they have mouth pain and oral health issues it can have a major impact on the quality of their life. In fact periodontal disease is of much concern for your pet as toxins and bacteria can enter your pet’s blood stream which can lead to serious chronic ailments. Vets County Durham radiography is used to detect oral hygiene issues before serious health issues have time to develop. X-rays allow your vet to detect oral issues including:

  • Diseased teeth
  • Oral pain management
  • Genetic dental defect evaluations

Deadly Conditions and Fractures
Proper x-rays allow your veterinarian to determine 90 percent of uncertain diagnosis. There are many deadly conditions such as fibrosarcoma which can be diagnosed with the use of x-rays. Fibrosarcoma can be treated successfully when detected early enough. Many veterinarians are forced to either send their patients to another facility for x-rays or make their best possible diagnosis based on their examination without the advantage of x-rays. X-rays can also allow for the discovery of fractures, abscesses and cancerous tumours. Vets in County Durham can use these x-rays to help determine future health issues.

When you have a vet who provides radiography services they can project health care concerns for your pet as well as provide in-depth health care or long-term prognosis for your pet’s health. As well, as issues arise and x-rays are required your vet will be able to provide the services required at their clinic for faster diagnosis. Finding vets County Durham visits that include an onsite x-ray facility will better your pet’s chances for living a long and happier life.
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