Toilet Repair Issues And Maintenance

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Plumbing

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The most important fixture in any home is the toilet. While today’s models tend to be very reliable, this does not rule out that something can go wrong. The potential of this happening always increases exponentially if you have infants and toddlers in the house. Some repairs are easily fixed by the home owner or landlord. Others require the services of a professional plumber. In Fairfield CT, plumbers are aware that certain toilet issues require a call more than others do.

Basic Toilet Problems

Plumbers are consistently called out to handle certain problems that relate to plumbing. Toilets have their own common issues. A plumber is more likely to be sent to a residence for one of the following:

  1. Clogged or Plugged Toilet: This is frequently the result of an object being placed into the toilet that is too large for it to slip through a joint pipe. It may also be the result of a sewer issue. A plumber will easily be able to differentiate between the two

  2. Run-On Toilet: The toilet refuses to stop. The water continuously runs. This can increase your water bill substantially if not addressed. Sometimes, to correct the issue, you only need to replace a faulty flapper.

  3. Noisy Toilet: If your toilet makes unusual sounds, it may be the result of a broken fill valve

  4. Smelly Toilet: While toilets do sometimes have their own delectable odor after a sitting, they should not constantly or even frequently emit a foul smell. The smell may result from a variety of causal factors. These can range from a clogged seer line, a blocked pipe in the plumbing system or perhaps a faulty wax ring. If you have no idea as to the cause, call in a plumber to take care of it


While maintenance cannot prevent all problems, it can stop more than a few from happening. Take care of your toilet and it will last longer and prevent fewer needs to call in a plumber In Fairfield CT. Maintenance is simple. It involves:

  1. Flushing down only toilet paper and never such things as diapers and sanitary products

  2. Inspect the bowl annually for any indications of cracks or rusted hinges or connecting pipes

  3. Examine the tank for any issues such as cracks and an improperly working valve, ballcock or flapper

  4. Check the overflow pipe to see if the valve needs adjustment or replacing

  5. Check everywhere from the tank to the pedestal and surrounding area for indications of leakage

Know the common issues that may affect the functioning of the toilet. Put into place a maintenance problem that will reduce any potential serious damage. If you do so, you should easily reduce the amount of emergency visits from a plumber in Fairfield CT.

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