Understanding The Opposition With The Help Of A Car Accident Attorney In Kent

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Personal Injury

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Your selected Car Accident Attorney Kent advises you of probable outcomes for filing a personal injury claim. He or she guides you through the process that enables you to understand what is expected of you during your hearing. Through preparation for this hearing your attorney will discuss with you how the legal counsel for the opposition will approach you. He or she will provide you with methods for presenting your statements effectively without falling victim to shrewd legal practices.

Understanding the Opposition

It is common for an insurance company to become the defendant in a lawsuit related to a personal injury claim. The primary reason is that they often seek out methods to avoid releasing a settlement to the victim. In the insurance field, a payout of this significance presents a loss for the insurance company.

To avoid these settlement payouts and potential financial losses, the insurance companies may hire legal counsel to represent their client and attempt to discredit the victim’s claim. These attorneys utilize shrew legal practices to make these attempts. This is why sufficient evidentiary support for a personal injury claim is so vital. Your attorney must prove that the accident caused your injuries and provide a link between the accident and the accused.

Local Accident Attorney

The Robert E Thomson Law Offices provide legal advice in personal injury cases. The attorney at this firm will visit you even while you are still in the hospital to recover valuable evidence to support your claim. He has a proven track record with personal injury claims with a high success rate. If you would like to speak to Robert Thomson about your case, you may schedule an appointment by contacting his local office.


An attorney practicing with the personal injury field is the first line of defense against the insurance companies who want to avoid paying a settlement. Through diligent legal methods, your selected attorney constructs an effective case in order to present your claim in court. This evidence presents the facts and circumstances that led up to the accident that caused your injuries. It also indicates the severity of your injuries and provides an outlook on how they have affected your life.

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