Why Do Trade Show Rentals in Anaheim Instead of Buying Your Own Booth

May 14, 14 Why Do Trade Show Rentals in Anaheim Instead of Buying Your Own Booth

logoCompanies that participate in trade shows several times a year usually end up buying their own displays, but those that only exhibit a couple of times a year often find that a purchase doesn’t make financial sense. Fortunately, there is no need to buy an exhibit to be able to participate in such shows. It’s possible to rent the necessary equipment instead.

Trade show rentals Anaheim companies offer allow businesses to obtain great-looking booths and all of the necessary accessories on a short-term basis. There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars just to have a booth sit in the corner of the shop most of the year with a rental plan. Instead, the booth is picked up from the exhibit company before the show and returned some time afterwards.

Cost isn’t the only reason to choose trade show rentals in Anaheim. Another good reason is the ability to rent a different booth style for each show. If you purchased the equipment, you’d have to buy an entirely different set if you decided to update your design. This can lead some companies to end up looking outdated at shows after a few years. With rental, you can choose the latest and greatest for each event without worrying about what to do with last year’s booth.

Another benefit of trade show rentals Anaheim is that the owner does the general maintenance. You can expect everything to work right and look great when you unpack it. For some companies, this is a great improvement over ownership. Many exhibitors have mentioned that their purchased equipment has been the source of bad surprises when they arrived at a show. Rented equipment, on the other hand, is assured to be up to snuff.

With all of the benefits of rentals, some may wonder why anyone buys trade show booths instead. The answer is that there is a point at which buying is more cost-effective. A company that participates in several trade shows every year, for example, will save money if they own the equipment and do their own maintenance. Many companies, however, don’t partake in enough events to make this worthwhile. It is they that will benefit the most from renting equipment only when it is needed. For many occasional exhibitors, the ability to rent booths is what makes it possible to participate in these events.

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