Why You Should Consider Selling to a Reputable Cash House-Buying Firm

Jul 16, 19 Why You Should Consider Selling to a Reputable Cash House-Buying Firm

If you’ve ever sold a home, you know there’s a lot of work that goes into making it presentable for potential buyers. It can also seem like it takes forever to find the right buyer. There are times when a traditional real estate sale won’t work for you because you need to expedite the process. That’s when you may need to contact a reputable cash house-buying company. Here’s why.

A Smooth Process

Well-established companies that buy houses in Plano, TX, employ different types of professionals to expedite the buying process. Some of their titles are speculators, schedulers and acquisition managers. These employees will work together to ensure you have a great selling experience.

A Fast Cash Sale

A representative from a cash home-buying company will usually visit your property and make you an offer within 48 hours. After that, you can expect the closing to occur as soon as a week later. You’ll receive a cash payment for your house, which you can use for any purpose.

No Repairs to Make

Most companies that buy houses in Plano intend to remodel homes and sell them at higher prices. That’s why they don’t need you to make any repairs. This enables you to save money by avoiding costly repairs like fixing plumbing problems and faulty furnaces.

Forgo Real Estate Fees

With a cash-for-your-house transaction, you won’t have to pay typical real estate fees such as commissions and closing costs. That alone can save you as much as 10% of the selling price of your home.

The Sale Won’t Fall Through

Companies that buy houses in Plano will not back out of sales. By comparison, approximately 15% of sales through real estate agents fall through because of financing or other issues.

Selling to a legitimate cash home-buying company can be a gratifying experience. It will also give you more time to search for your next property.

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