You Don’t Have to Handle L and I Claims in Bremerton, WA By Yourself

It’s easy to speak glibly of ‘life-changing moments’ but they do happen. Laying on the cement floor of the warehouse, barely able to breathe from the pain and afraid to even try to move, is one of those moments.  The rest of the day becomes a pain-filled blur: the ambulance, the hospital, the family saying, “Everything will be fine” but not looking as though they believe it.

Dealing with insurance companies and the Labor and Industries bureaucracy brings a whole new level of pain.  There are rules and deadlines which seem to be more important than whether or not working again is even possible.  The bills are piling up and no one really seems to care.  When should a settlement offer be accepted?  If they decide that the disability is only partial, is that the final decision?   What happens if another doctor disagrees with the original diagnosis?  Medical bills resulting from this injury can continue for a lifetime.  How will that be handled?  Will there be an upper limit on how much will be paid?  And, again, how are the everyday bills going to get paid?

The answers to questions such as these determine the future of the worker and the family.  Navigating the system of workers’ compensation and L & I is frustrating and overwhelming.  All the people on the ‘other side’ understand the system while it’s all a new experience to the worker.  He needs someone on his side who is equally experienced and fighting for his rights.  The monetary difference between a partial or full disability will be substantial.  The first settlement offered will be far less than is due. Any experienced workers’ comp lawyer will make all the difference in the outcome.

The Law Office of Paul W. Bryan, PLLC is exclusively devoted to powerfully defending the rights of workers injured on the job.  For over 18 years, Mr. Bryan and his team have been applying their skills and experience to ensuring that injured and disabled workers receive fair compensation.  He understands how devastating injuries and subsequent loss of income are to workers and their families and vigorously works on their behalf.  Anyone who has been injured at work in the greater Silverdale, WA area does not have to deal with Washington’s Department of Labor & Industries and insurance companies by themselves.  Call Paul W. Bryan for a free consultation to discuss your L and I Claims in Bremerton, WA.

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