Your Veterinary Clinic And Massage Benefits For Your Elderly Pet

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Animal Health

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If you have an elderly pet, you know how much pain they can be in. Sometimes it is difficult for him or her to get up and move. To help you and your pet cope with the changes that are part of the aging process, some veterinary clinics recommend massage. This is a beneficial tool that is coming increasingly into play to help older canines and cats. It is a modification of such forms of human massage as Swedish Massage. Yet, it can also combine many elements of Asian or Eastern versions. This is particularly true for the form called Tui Na (or Tuina).

What Massage Is Not

While massage is related to petting, it is not this form of stress reliever. In many ways, petting is more beneficial to the petters than the animal being petted. Petting has been found by researchers to actually decrease human stress. While massage can be compared to petting, it is more than simply an upgraded form of this interaction. It is an action that, when performed by a qualified practitioner, can bring positive benefits to your pet.

Tui Na Massage

Tui Na is bodywork. It involves manipulation of your pet’s physical self but exerts rhythmic compression specifically along the energy channels in order to free blockages. As a result, it is a combination of Asian and Western techniques. It is holistic in approach being an example of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in its approach to treatment. In other words, Tui Na does not treat a symptom or a disease. It treats the entire animal. It looks at the lifestyle as well as the emotional and physical components of the living being.

Who Can Benefit from Tui Na?

No matter what the size of animal, it can benefit from the application of Tui Na. Both domestic and exotic animals can be patients. Age is also not a factor, although geriatric animals may find themselves benefiting more. Tui Na is also considered an excellent substitute for some other holistic treatments such as acupuncture.

Veterinary Medicine and Tui Na

Tui Na usually is applied by veterinary clinics when the musculoskeletal system is affected by a chronic or acute condition. Yet, it is also applied when:

* There are problems of the digestive system

* Issues with the respiratory system

* A need to strengthen animals that are chronically ill

* Help reduce the pain and problems found in elderly

* Can relax the geriatric patients

Massage of many types, including Tui Na, can prove to be a beneficial tool in a veterinary clinic or animal hospital. It can be particularly of value when dealing with the treatment of elderly canines and geriatric cats. Talk to the professionals in this field. Go online and find out the location of a veterinary clinic or massage practitioner in your area. See if you can arrange for an introduction to Tui Na. Only after you have all the information, should you move ahead with a decision.

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