The Advancements Made by Carpet Cleaners in Milwaukee, WI

Aug 27, 14 The Advancements Made by Carpet Cleaners in Milwaukee, WI

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As surprised you may be to hear this, the carpet cleaning industry has enjoyed technological advances just as much as any other industry in the world today. While carpets have become more durable and more stain resistant, the fact is that regardless of the advances in carpet technology, these carpets will eventually get dirty and will need to be professionally cleaned. That is where advancements in carpet cleaning materials, as well as the experience and training that Carpet Cleaners in Milwaukee WI receive, comes in handy. In the past, one of the only ways to properly clean a carpet was to use harsh cleaning chemicals, a great deal of steam and high suction. While this is still used today, and it is used very effectively, there are some downsides to this type of carpet cleaning. First and foremost, this method leaves carpet extremely wet for an extended period of time. Typically you’re requested not to step on the carpet for at least 24 hours. This gives the carpet ample time to completely dry. Walking on the carpet before that can cause stains to reappear and can make even smaller pockets of dirt when the carpet is wet. Another thing to consider is that heavier cleaning agents can be very difficult on people’s allergies and, in some cases, the side effects people have from particular cleaning agents can be rather significant. Fortunately, carpet cleaning technology has found a way to overcome this. Today, you can find organic cleaning agents that professional carpet cleaners use in order to allay some of the concerns about allergic reactions or potentially harmful side effects from cleaning chemicals. In addition, carpet cleaning professionals also offer dry carpet cleaning, which gets the carpet just as clean as it would with standard methods, but this method allows you to walk on the carpet immediately after the Carpet Cleaners in Milwaukee WI have left. This is just a sampling of what carpet cleaning can offer you today. If you haven’t had your carpets...

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How to Buy Plastic Cookie Cutters

Plastic cookie cutters make it fun and easy to make cookies for special occasions or just to add some excitement to your regular batch of cookies. Making cookies and involving young children is a good way to spend quality family time. Many kids enjoy making shapes out of cookie dough. Before buying these items, it is necessary to decide how you plan to use them. Some people only want to use them during special seasons. Themes Christmas is a popular time for making cookies that are unique. Finding plastic cookie cutters with a holiday theme is easy. Many manufacturers make these, as they know that they are very popular during the holiday season. A variety of shapes and sizes are available. The Fourth of July is another popular choice for those who want to add cookies to their celebration. Flag and star shaped cookies are common treats for picnics and barbeques during this time. There are also cutters that are suitable for creating cookies with themes for baby showers and housewarming events. As Gifts Plastic cookie cutters from Nycake can make great gifts for people, young and old, who love baking. Even young kids who enjoy helping in the kitchen will love getting their own sets to make their special shaped cookies. How to Store Them Some people actually collect many of these items as they like making cookies with different shapes. One easy way to take care of these items is to clean them as soon as you are finished using them. You can place similar types in individual plastic containers and then store them on a shelf in your kitchen. If you prefer, you can organize and store them in cabinet drawers. Labelling the containers will make it easier to find a shape when you need it. These items help to make it easier to get different shapes for various occasions. The relatively low pricing of these cookie cutters makes it easier to buy different sets so that you can be prepared...

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Spectacular Facts about Coca-Cola You Never Knew

Coca-cola is a name brand we all know and love. In fact, 1.7 billion Coke products are consumed around the globe every day. This innovative company boasts many impressive feats that may surprise you! Coke’s Impressive Resume • Coca-Cola is the 84th Largest Economy in the World. Just surpassing Costa Rica, Coke’s impressive $35.1 billion revenue is bigger than that of many countries, including more than two-thirds of the countries in Africa. • 94% percent of the global population recognizes the Coke logo. • If every Coke droplet since the creation of Coca-Cola through today was bottled into eight ounce containers and arranged tip to end, the bottles would reach to the moon and back again – over 2,000 times! • The average American consumes 10.8 lbs. of sugar per year, just from drinking Coke products. This amounts to 399 servings per year. The average British citizen drinks 202 servings per year, Chinese each drink 32, and Indian, 9. Mexicans on average drink 665 servings yearly. • Coke produces more than 3,500 different kinds of drinks! More than 1,000 of them are juice drinks, including Minute Maid, Fuze, and Hi-C. • If all of Coke’s vending machines were stacked one on top of the other (2.8 million of them!), they would be as high as four Empire State Buildings. • Coke’s $2.9 billion advertising budget is larger than both Apple and Microsoft combined. • 17.4% of the United States aluminum industry goes towards Coke products. Next Step: The Common Household Coke dispensers are becomingly increasingly popular in the common household. These dispensers are relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain, and convenient. A Coke dispenser provides your favorite beverage right at your fingertips. The “pre-mix” machine serves the drink ready as is – it does not require a water line. The “post-mix” machine combines syrup with carbonated water to produce your soda on the spot. It requires a water line to work, but once the parts are installed, it is more cost effective overall. Many homes...

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Step Out Of The Ordinary With Unique Ear And Body Piercing Rings

When it comes to body piercing rings for all body parts it is amazing the variety, styles and options that you now have to consider. This is especially important when you stop and consider that it has really only been the last two decades that body piercing has become generally accepted in most parts of North America. Now it is common to see people of all walks of life, all ages and even all cultural backgrounds wearing a variety of body piercing rings where ever you may travel. The ears, in particular, as well as the nipples are popular piercing locations for those that love to wear body piercing rings. Body Piercing Rings for the Ears While ear piercing is very common for both men and women, it is still most common to see the lobes pierced. The second most common option is perhaps the helix, which is the outer rim of the ear at the top or just off the top of the ear to the back. Just in front of the upper part of the ear is the cartilage piercing known as the forward helix. The cartilage to the middle of the ear is the daith piercing and just below that, in the bottom front of the inner ear, is the tragus piercing. Generally body piercing rings work in the ear are barbell style, studs or labrets, the half hoops known as tragus and cartilage earrings as well as combinations of the above. It is not uncommon for body piercing rings worn in the ears to also features chains that allow you to connect different piercings, either on the ears or the face, to highlight both or several piercings. Nipple Rings Nipple rings, or more solid nipple shields, are worn by both men and women and come in a variety of different sizes, colors, designs and options. These are very personal body piercing rings and are often selected because they have a personal meaning for the wearer. As with all body piercing...

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Partial Discharge

Partial discharge (PD) is high frequency electrical discharge that temporarily connects a small portion of insulation between two electrodes. This is due to the electric field strength overpowering the breakdown strength of that portion of insulation. PD occurs in insulation gaps caused by manufacturing or installation errors, aging or overstressing, physical damage etc. It leads to progressive deterioration and eventual failure of insulation. A gap in insulation can be modeled as a capacitor. The impedance that a capacitor contributes to an electric circuit can be calculated using the following equation. It can be observed from the above equation that as the frequency of the electric signal going through the capacitor increases, the lower the impedance becomes. Partial discharge produces electromagnetic emissions (radio waves), light and heat, sound in the audio and ultrasonic frequency ranges as well as ozone and nitrous oxide gases. These parameters are detected by sensors and used as indicators of PD activity. A high voltage power supply is required to test insulation. This supply must have low background noise and introduce a very low amount of PD in order to prevent interference with partial discharge sensors. An example of a PD test system is shown in figure 1. The elements include a PD free linear power supply, a coupling capacitor, a unit under test (UUT), an impedance matching network, a PD detector, and connections free of partial discharge. Amp-Line Corp.’s (ALC) linear power sources are rated from 100 W – 1500 W with low noise interference (about 0.2-0.3 pC of PD). They can be used to drive external high voltage output transformers to achieve clean and regulated high voltage AC signals. They are perfect solutions for partial discharge test systems that require high voltage and have low tolerance for noise and PD interference. To learn more visit Be the first to...

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