A Defense Attorney in Cincinnati, OH Wants Clients to Understand Criminal Charges

Mar 31, 17 A Defense Attorney in Cincinnati, OH Wants Clients to Understand Criminal Charges

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Whenever a person is charged and arrested for any given crime, the next step is to take the individual to the police station, where the person is booked, goes before a judge and a bail is set. Once the amount for the bail has been paid, the defendant does not have to remain in jail, but is expected to show up for the trial. It is somewhere during this process that the defendant would do well to secure a criminal defense attorney. A criminal Defense Attorney in Cincinnati OH helps clients fight their cases. Here is information that might be helpful to know about criminal charges. It doesn’t matter what kind of crime a person is charged with, the record of it has the potential to follow the person for the rest of his or her life. If it is a sex-related crime, it will affect where the person can live, and where he or she can work. The crime may have a far-reaching impact on the person’s finances. It will take some thorough representation from a skilled lawyer to come out with the best possible results. Ohio is like many other states in regard to the punishment of crime. Ohio is uniquely tough on crimes such as drug-related charges and sex offenses. The state also has a sentencing structure that is complex. For example, if the charges are involving marijuana, there are unique ways in which that is dealt with. With less than 100 grams of possession, Ohio will consider that a misdemeanor. The offender might get a small fine and a suspension of the driving privileges for a month. Over 200 grams is a felony. The charges become more severe. Engel & Martin, LLC are attorneys who have been representing the legal interests of clients in Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years. Among their areas of practice are DUI and OVI charges, domestic violence, drug charges, civil rights, business litigation and campus disciplinary hearings. If...

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Basic Types Of Rexnord Couplings

Mar 31, 17 Basic Types Of Rexnord Couplings

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Couplings are an essential component of many devices. They are the “glue” that holds one or more disparate elements together. To many industrial concerns, Rexnord couplings offer quality, durability, and longevity. In Texas, industries utilize brands that fall under the Rexnord umbrella including Addax Falk, Steelflex, and Thomas. Types of Rexnord Couplings Rexnord offers customers the choice from a number of different coupling configurations and models. In doing so, the company offers its customers options. Among the different types, customers are certain to find the ideal solution. The Rexnord product lines include those by Addax, Euroflex, Moduflex and Thomas. The types fall into the following categories: Disc Couplings Disc couplings provide qualities such as high longevity. Engineers at Rexnord design them for the optimum engine, motor and turbine-driven applications. The various types available through Rexnord are  * Composite Disc Couplings  * Rexnord Euroflex Disc Couplings  * Modulflex Disc Couplings Elastomeric Couplings Elastomeric Couplings are perfect for many industries. These non-lubricated, material-flexing couplings are capable of operating successfully in diverse environments. Types include:  * Rexnord Elastomeric Omega Coupling  * Viva Coupling  * Wrapflex Coupling Grid Couplings Rexnord couplings include Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings. They have stood the test of time. When it comes to grid couplings, they are the product of choice in Texas and other states across North America. Fluid Couplings As is the case with grid couplings, Falk manufactures one of the best available. This is the Falk True Torque Fluid Coupling. Gear Couplings Falk Lifelign Gear Couplings eliminate tip-loading. At the same time, they minimize wear resulting from misalignment and reduce backlash. Rexnord Couplings Essentially, couplings have one function – to connect two or more rotating shafts, reducing misalignment and improving function. In Texas, many industries favor using Rexnord couplings for compressors, generators, motors and pumps. They find the dedication of the company to produce quality products results in high standards of commitment to ensuring their customers receive what their equipment requires to perform successfully. 1 person likes this...

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Finding A Great Family Dentist

Mar 31, 17 Finding A Great Family Dentist

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Finding a great family dentist, one that both you and your kids trust is extremely important, without a family dentist in Bloomingdale you jeopardize your oral health, even though you brush and floss regularly. When you know your dentist and know his or her skills, you can rest assured that dental appointments will all be positive experiences. When you are looking for a family dentist, what are the important things to bear in mind? From the parent’s point of view: As a parent, you will want a family dentist that is highly skilled and is easy to talk to. An experienced dentist is of paramount importance when it comes to recognizing problems and then bringing the problem and the solution to your attention. A dentist that is skilled in working with small children, young adults and adults understands the diverse dental needs of these different family members. You will invariably get an introduction to family dentists from friends, people you work with, family members, etc. Before you contact the dentist for a first appointment, check their web site to see the services they offer, their background and years in practice. It is genuinely important that you feel comfortable when dealing with your dentist. It is easy to discuss your dental needs one on one but you will need a good communicator when it comes to discussing and understanding the dental needs of your kids. Although the most important issue is the dentist and staff, you will also be happy if you can locate an office that is reasonably close to your home. From your kid’s point of view: It is important for youngsters that their dentist and the hygienist are gentle. Look for a family dentist in Bloomingdale that is accustomed to dealing with youngsters. It helps a lot if the children feel comfortable and they are encouraged to look after their teeth properly. If you are looking for a great family dentist in Bloomingdale, one that is easy to talk to and knows...

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Benefits Of Hiring Social Security Disability Lawyers In Vero Beach, FL

Mar 31, 17 Benefits Of Hiring Social Security Disability Lawyers In Vero Beach, FL

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If a person has worked all of their lives and suddenly becomes injured or too ill to ever work again, they would be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Since they can no longer support themselves by working, they would need Social Security as a source of income. Unfortunately, being awarded these benefits is not as easy as most people think. If the applicant wants to be sure their application will be approved and they will start receiving benefits quickly, they are strongly encouraged to hire Social Security Disability Lawyers in Vero Beach FL. Most Applications Are Denied the First Time According to recent statistics, close to 53 percent of applications between 2001 and 2010 were denied the first time they were submitted. If the applicant hires a lawyer, it will improve their chances of having their application accepted the first time. This is because a lawyer will make sure that the application is accurate and complete. They will also make sure it is submitted in the proper format. Lawyers Understand the Entire Process The Social Security Disability application and appeals process can be very long and complicated. A lawyer who has handled cases like this before will understand the entire process from beginning to the end. Most lawyers also have relationships with agency employees and Administrative Law Judges. This can be very helpful in complicated situations. Regular Case Updates It is not uncommon for the application process for Social Security Disability to take a long time. If the applicant hires a lawyer, they will have someone who can check the status of the application regularly and keep the applicant in the loop. Most Social Security Disability Lawyers Work On Contingency When an individual is no longer able to work, they would need to watch their spending. This is why it is great that most Social Security Disability lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis. This means the lawyer would only be compensated if the individual’s application has been approved. If a person is applying...

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Designating Life Insurance in Harrisburg PA for Charitable Donations

Mar 30, 17 Designating Life Insurance in Harrisburg PA for Charitable Donations

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Most commonly, people buy life insurance in Harrisburg, PA to make sure their funeral expenses and final bills are paid for without their relatives having to spend their own money. Whole life insurance, which functions as an investment, also can leave an inheritance for the beneficiaries. People often buy life insurance during young adulthood to provide for their children in case one of the parents dies unexpectedly. Life insurance in Harrisburg, PA also can name charities as beneficiaries. This is an advantageous way for someone to leave a lasting legacy by donating to a beloved organization through a life insurance policy. Just a few examples include schools the person attended, religious organizations, environmental organizations, animal shelters and food banks. The cash payment from a life insurance policy can be used to set up a fund for ongoing scholarships or other services. The person also can set up the policy so it is used for the purchase of land for a park, or the improvement of an existing park or other local feature. Many individuals have strong emotional ties to the town they have lived in most recently or the one where they grew up. This kind of donation makes them feel satisfied about making a significant positive gesture to the area. It’s a good idea to confer with the people in charge beforehand to make sure everything will go smoothly. This strategy allows someone to make a hefty donation without using any of the estate money that he or she would like to leave to the family. A whole life policy can be paid up in full long before the policyholder passes away, and it can continue to grow as an investment. An entirely separate life insurance policy could be purchased from an agency such as Farnham Insurance to pay for final expenses. It’s perfectly acceptable to have more than one life insurance policy. Many people have a whole life policy as well as a term policy that does not build any investment. The...

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