3 Mistakes You Might Be Making When You Pick a Photo Lab

There’s nothing more disappointing than having to go to a whole lot of trouble and waiting for hours in a cramped position, just to get the perfect shot—only to have it turn out with dodgy colors, distorted details or poor colors. It might have something to do with the New Hampshire photo professional printing lab you chose. Here are a few mistakes you might be making when you pick a photo lab:

Zero research

If you’re under a tight deadline and you just went with the first option you found, that’s likely one reason why you received poor-quality prints. Be sure to look for one in advance. That way, when you need to call a printing service, you’ll know which numbers to dial.

Not asking about color management

If your prints aren’t turning out exactly the way you want them to, your photo lab might not know enough about color management principles and basics. Earth Bound Light offers good tips on color management. These tips are quite easy and while you might want to try them on your photos, it’s also ideal to pick a printing service that knows at least the basics of color management. That way, if problems and issues arise, they’ll be right there to fix them.

Not knowing the signs

If you the printing service you chose is continually late with replies, doesn’t answer your calls and sends your prints late, those are signs that you’re dealing with a bad printing service. Choose a New Hampshire photo professional printing lab with staff that’s easy to talk instead, with employees that reply promptly and provides you with helpful answers for your questions and inquiries. While delays might happen a time or two, a good printing service will do what they can to eliminate delays and make the experience less stressful for you.

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