3 Reasons to Consider Spay and Neuter in Mesa, AZ

Oct 31, 14 3 Reasons to Consider Spay and Neuter in Mesa, AZ

Some pets are like members of the family. Cats and dogs tend to be popular pets for individuals and families. When it comes time to consider a Spay and Neuter in Mesa AZ, pet owners aren’t always sure about whether it is the best option. Here are three reasons to consider this procedure.

Female Pets Tend to Live Longer

The idea of seeing the end of a pet’s life can be unbearable. While it is inevitable, it is possible to extend the life of a female pet by having her spayed. The number of infections, diseases, and complications drop significantly after the operation. If it is done before the first heat, it prevents a pet from ever going into heat.

Male Pets Stay Home

It isn’t unusual to have a male pet that likes to make a run for it. Many times the reason is to find a partner. Once a male pet has been neutered, he tends to be more content staying home. This doesn’t mean a gate and fence is unnecessary, but it could prevent the pet from attempting to jump over the fence or squeeze through the gate.

Prevents Litters

Everyone loves a kitten or puppy but that doesn’t mean that they want to take on the responsibility that comes along with it. Spay and Neuter operations prevent pets from having or contributing to a litter. For most people, this offers a cost-effective option for maintaining a pet. The cost to have a pet spayed or neutered is considerably less than taking care of an entire littler of puppies or kittens.

Unfortunately, there is a current dilemma with the overpopulation of pets. Many cats and dogs end up without owners, wandering around, not being cared for. Instead of creating new litters, it is important to find homes for the pets that currently need them. While seeing kittens or puppies born can be an amazing experience, it isn’t worth the final results if the offspring can’t be cared for.

Responsible pet owners at least consider the Benefits Of Spay And Neuter In Mesa AZ for their furry friends to keep them healthy, at home, and well cared for.


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