3 Reasons Why Bark Dust is the New Trend for Vancouver, WA, Homes

Feb 19, 20 3 Reasons Why Bark Dust is the New Trend for Vancouver, WA, Homes

When you are designing or upgrading your landscape, ground covers are great options for retaining moisture, controlling soil temperature, and creating a finished look. Bark dust for Vancouver, WA, homes is one of the newest trends in landscaping, and here are three reasons why this is the preferred ground cover material.

Looks More Organic Than Other Materials

Bark dust is a finer grind of bark from trees, and it maintains an organic look to your yard. Mulch is also made from tree bark, but the size of the chips can look out of place in some landscape designs. You can find bark dust in the same colors as mulch, such as greys, reds, and browns.

Easy to Apply

Mulch is spread across your yard, and this is a labor-intensive job. Bark dust is blown with a special machine. This also makes it easier to apply an even layer of bark dust compared to mulch that has to be raked until the surface is level.

Long-Lasting Ground Cover

To maintain the look of your mulch, you have to re-apply the material every year when you seed your lawn. Bark dust lasts up to four years before you need to add another layer. Bark dust also controls erosion better than other materials, so you do not have to fill in gaps and spaces after it rains.

Learn More About Bark Dust for Vancouver, WA, Homes

Red Bark Inc. specializes in bark dust for Vancouver, WA homes. Call them today to learn more and schedule an appointment for one of their landscape experts to come by your home for an evaluation.

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