3 Reasons You Need Soil Aerification Equipment in Georgia

Aug 05, 20 3 Reasons You Need Soil Aerification Equipment in Georgia

Investing in equipment for soil aerification is a terrific way to improve the health of your lawn. Improving the health of your grass will keep your lawn looking great throughout the year while also helping you to reduce the buildup of thatch. If you are still undecided, here are a few of the main benefits of using soil aerification equipment.

#1 Reduce Soil Compaction

One of the top benefits of aerating your lawn is that it helps to reduce soil compaction. Compacted soil can cause dead spots in your lawn due to it preventing water, air, and fertilizers from reaching the root system. However, aeration can help relieve this problem and ensure your lawn stays healthy.

#2 Improves Seeding Process

Choosing to aerate your lawn before and after you seed it is a terrific way to promote seed growth and development. Aeration increases seed-topsoil contact, which is important for germination. This is an excellent way to maximize the seeding process to ensure your lawn looks great.

#3 Reduce Puddles

Aerating your lawn is also an effective way to reduce puddles and runoff problems with your yard. This proactive approach can help your lawn great after a rain shower without having to always deal with many puddles.

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