3 Signs that You Need Residential Roofing Service

Apr 30, 15 3 Signs that You Need Residential Roofing Service

Having a properly fixed roof over your head is an important thing in your own home. When it comes to residential roofing services, the costs for repairs can always be lower if problems are caught early on. By working with professionals on catching the easy repairs early you can save time and money. Here are three signs that you need Residential Roofing Service.

Missing Shingles

One of the most obvious signs you need to repair your roof is by looking at your shingles. The cause of missing or loose shingles is by harsh forms of nature such as wind, rain, and intense heat. The natural causes can put wear on your remaining shingles and make them more susceptible to being damaged as well. When looking at your shingles take note of deep cracks and notable wear.

Water Damage

When your ceiling is leaking when there is rain, this is a likely cause of roof damage. With missing or flimsy shingles, the rain is starting to get into the house. The water will drip through the ceiling and start to create water stains which will weaken the walls and damage the home. Without an immediate call to a Residential Roofing Service, the problem rain will continue to get in at a higher rate. Once water damage begins it’s unlikely it will go away on its own.

Higher Heating or Cooling Bills

A spike in your heating or cooling bills is a sure way to notice that unwanted air is coming in or escaping out of your home. By comparing your air conditioning bills from months prior you can see a change when your roof started to weaken. Most likely the change in temperature was enough to loosen shingles and to compromise the house. The higher bills mean that your roof is in need of repairs so your house can go back to being insulated.

By looking for any noticing signs of roof damage you are staying one step ahead of the game. The benefits to a repaired roof are complete insulation, no water damage, and protection against all nature. The minor repairs to your roof will help in preventing extensive and more expensive repairs later.

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