3 Ways To Prepare For Bunion Surgery

Jan 27, 21 3 Ways To Prepare For Bunion Surgery

When it comes to bunions, different people have different experiences. For some, there is no real pain, but the foot has a deformed look. For others, each step they take can cause severe pain. Shoes can be tough to wear and putting any type of pressure on the bottom of the foot or next to the big toe can create a problem. Patients often go through several different solutions before deciding that surgery is the best possible option. To help things go smoothly, here are three ways to prepare for Bunion Surgery near Kenosha.

Set Up Transportation for the Surgery

While most of the time Bunion Surgery just requires a local anesthetic, many patients take a sedative in order to help them relax during the process. It is important to arrange for a responsible adult to take the patient to the surgery and pick them up when everything is complete. At first, it can be difficult to maneuver around because of the limitations the foot creates. The person helping to get the patient home needs to be able to help him or her into the car and then into the house.

Arrange for Help at Home

Movement can be a challenge over the course of the next couple of weeks, and in some cases, months. Patients should take the time to let friends and loved ones know that surgery is being done. Having certain tasks taken care of in advance can offer peace of mind and help a person focus on the healing process. For example, someone should be available to help with movement around the house. Someone may need to take care of any grocery shopping or errands that need to be done. This helps a patient avoid putting too much weight on the foot as it attempts to heal.

Obtain the Right Equipment/Shoes

Surgery is different for each person. However, all patients can expect to have stitches. These need to be protected from the water when showering. Also, because this area of the foot will be tender, traditional shoes may not be an option. Sometimes a person needs to wear specialized shoes that provide plenty of room for the foot. Others may need something even more specific in order to make room for the pins that are helping the foot heal. Obtaining these items in advance can help.

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