4 Warning Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair in GR

Jun 14, 19 4 Warning Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair in GR

Your car’s transmission is a complex mechanism that takes a lot of abuse over the years, and at some point during your car’s life you’ll probably need Transmission Repair GR. This type of repair is often tricky and expensive, so it’s important for drivers to learn to detect the early warning signs that something’s wrong with their transmission. Keep reading to learn the most common symptoms of transmission problems in your car.

A Burnt Odor

If you smell an unpleasant, burning odor under the hood of your car, it may be time for Transmission Repair GR. This smell usually means there’s a problem with your transmission fluid, and inadequate or dirty fluid means that your transmission isn’t being cooled or lubricated properly. While the fix may be as simple as a fluid fill-up, more serious problems like cracking or leaking could be to blame, so it’s best to visit mechanic right away.

Rocky Shifting

Shifting gears in your car should be a relatively smooth operation, so if you notice anything unusual when you shift your car into gear your transmission may be trying to tell you something. With manual transmissions, you may notice grinding or shaking during gear shifts. Automatic transmissions GR may display more subtle signs, like a slight shimmy or jolting. In either case, take your vehicle to a mechanic for Transmission Repair GR.

Strange Noises

Odd noises are usually one of the first signs that your transmission is experiencing troubles. Usually, an ailing transmission will make a whining or buzzing sound when the motor’s running. Some cars, however, may make noises that are more like clanking or even humming. Be vigilant about the noises your car makes and if you notice anything unusual visit your mechanic for Transmission Repair GR.

Red Fluid in Your Driveway

If you notice puddling underneath your car after it sits in the driveway, it may be time for Transmission Repair GR. Transmission fluid is red and sweet-smelling, though it may look darker or smell burnt if it’s old or dirty. Make a habit of checking underneath your car so you can detect leaking early and fix the problem before it worsens.

Your transmission is an essential part of your car, so it’s important to learn how to detect potential problems before they get worse. If you notice any of the signs of transmission trouble discussed above, visit your mechanic right away. Contact Bob’s Transmissions of West Michigan for more information.

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