5 Worthwhile Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Dentist

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Getting dental implants is one of the best ways to prevent tooth loss. This matters because lost teeth can compromise the support of your facial structure in a major way. When you’ve got your teeth in place, your checks and lips have the facial support they need, giving you a youthful appearance. Loss of teeth, though, results in your cheeks and lips sagging. Continued lack of adequate support compromises your facial structure, which can make you seem way older than you really are. One way to prevent tooth loss from adding years to your face is to ask help from an implant dentist.

Retaining Your Facial Support

WebMD defines implants as replacement tooth roots. You can easily mount the teeth onto the implants, which can be removable or permanent. Eventually, the implants fuse together with your bone, adding to their universal appeal for users; they feel and look like real teeth.

Benefits of Using Implants

You can look forward to a ton of benefits when you consider getting implants. These include:

1. Better talking experience. Ill-fitting dentures can be troublesome, popping up at the least likely moments. That tends to put a damper on your social skills. After all, it’s tough to be comfortable when you’re worried that your teeth might pop up at any moment.
2. More convenient to use. With dentures, you need to brush the dentures along with your teeth every time you eat. If you’re a frequent snacker, you’ll find your eating habits curbed by the thought of having to brush that many times for a day. Implants, though, eliminate that hassle. Since they’re well bonded to your teeth, you can brush them normally, without having to worry about taking out the dentures or putting them back after every meal.
3. More comfortable. Because implants fused together with your bone, you don’t have to worry about wearing wire dentures that hurt or having to speak through ill-fitting dentures so much that you ended up with a lisp. With implants, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience.
4. Longer-lasting. With enough care, your dental implants are sure to last a long time. It’s durable so you won’t have to worry about having them replaced every so often.
5. Improved self-esteem. By tossing those uncomfortable dentures that stood out and kept compromising your speech, implants can help boost your self-esteem, making you look as confident as you feel.

So if you’re tired of dentures and want to try a more convenient solution, then you go and ask an implant dentist for help.

Get the facial support you need with dental implants. Contact us at the Cascades Center for Dental Health for more details. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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