A Basic Guide for In-Ground Pool Installation in Islip NY

Sep 09, 19 A Basic Guide for In-Ground Pool Installation in Islip NY

If you have decided to have a pool built on your property, you need to know that there are several options available for you. Some pools are built above-ground, while others are fixed in-ground. In-ground pools are permanent, and require a considerable amount of maintenance. However, they also greatly boost the value of your property and greatly improve its aesthetic appeal. New pool installation in Islip NY is offered by some companies around the city. Here is a basic guide that you should follow for installing a swimming pool.


When you hire a new company for an in-ground pool installation, they will first set an appointment to visit your property. The company will send a team over to take the measurements of the pool. Keep in mind that the poolside will have to be decorated around the sides, so a little bit of space will be required around the sides. If you want a quality swimming pool built on your property, you can visit us for more information.

Installation Work

The excavation work will be carried out first. The company will determine the maximum depth of the pool and then allocate the space accordingly. Once that is done, the pool liner will be installed all around the sides to ensure that the water doesn’t leak around the sides. In-ground pool installation can take a few weeks for completion. You can set payment milestones with the company to track the progress of the work and release payments accordingly. The company will also lay down a pipeline to connect to the filter and put drain holes and covers to ensure that the water remains clear and hygienic in the pool.

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