A Chance to Enjoy the Best Evening Architecture Cruise in Chicago

Jul 02, 20 A Chance to Enjoy the Best Evening Architecture Cruise in Chicago

Area residents and visitors to the city may be interested in scheduling a trip on the best architecture cruise in Chicago. Different options are available, including evening cruises on the river. This trip allows passengers to view the buildings downtown and elsewhere along the river in the golden hour before sunset. The diffused light makes the city look exceptionally pretty at this time of day.

Soft Light

The soft, natural glow of evening light is especially appreciated while riding on the best architecture cruise in Chicago. Technically, in the world of photography, the golden hour literally occurs during the 60 minutes before the sun sets. However, sunlight takes on a different character even before this. Shadows grow long, and subtle gold and red hues can be sensed. This gives the city’s tall buildings an intriguing appearance only seen relatively soon after sunrise and before sunset.

The Top Highlight

Many tourists count this cruise as the top highlight of their trip. That’s remarkable considering all the activities Chicago has to offer. Museums, fine restaurants and art galleries are favorite places to visit. Nevertheless, the boat ride is something particularly special.


The best evening river cruise Chicago has to offer has two options in spring and early fall so people can choose whether they would like to ride the boat as afternoon ends or closer to sunset. As the days get shorter by mid-October, the schedule changes to one ride per evening. Anyone who wants to learn more about Chicago’s First Lady Cruises may visit the website.

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