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by | May 5, 2016 | Lawyer

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Violent crimes are those involving disfigurement or injury caused to another person. In most instances, the acts are intentional. However, some offenses involve accidental or mistaken acts, and they can result in either felony or misdemeanor charges. The seriousness of an offense is typically based on factors such as:
* the extent of the victim’s injuries,
* the physical stature of the victim compared to that of the assailant,
* the use of a weapon, or
* factors such as the defendant’s intoxication.

In this article, readers can learn more about the various types of violent crimes and the defenses that can be used.

Violent Crime Examples
Some of the most common violent crimes are assault, battery, homicide, rape, vehicular assault, and other offenses like robbery and kidnapping. Certain offenses do not require physical contact, and the threat of injury is sufficient to bring criminal charges. Using a fake weapon, for example, can lead to charges, especially if a victim believes that the weapon or the threat of harm is real.

Defenses to Violent Crime Charges
Certain defenses can be used by those accused of violent crimes. Self-defense is a common assertion made by a criminal lawyer in these cases. Here, the force used by the defendant must be in proportion to the force used against them, and the defendant must not be the aggressor. Other common defenses include:
* Intoxication. This can be used as a defense, especially if the person’s intoxication took away their ability to control themselves.
* Property defense: Using force in defense of property is typically only allowed if a trespasser uses force against a property owner.

Other defenses may be available, but they depend on the case’s facts. Criminal law varies by jurisdiction, and those differences can change the way a defense is applied.

Does a Person Need a Lawyer’s Help with a Violent Crime Defense?
Violent crimes typically involve very severe penalties, including jail time or fines. A person facing such charges should hire a criminal lawyer for legal advice. A lawyer with Blatzlawminnesota.com can provide clarification of any area of criminal law, and they can help determine which defenses may apply in a particular situation.

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