A Local Plumber in Bellingham WA Assists New Homeowners With Old House Problems

Jun 12, 18 A Local Plumber in Bellingham WA Assists New Homeowners With Old House Problems

A Local Plumber in Bellingham WA is ready to assist when someone buys an older home and discovers a big plumbing problem. The house might be a fixer-upper, in which case the new owners would have expected issues needing repair or replacement. In other cases, the buyer did not bother with a home inspection and now has to deal with the problem.

New Water Heater

One of the more common problems encountered in an older house is an old water heater that springs a leak soon after move-in. Sometimes the heater doesn’t leak but simply stops working for good. Water heaters don’t last forever, and the appliance might be expected to fail soon if it’s more than 20 years old.

Shower Installation

In contrast, this big project might not address something that’s broken but something that could be improved or upgraded. In that case, the new homeowners already knew they’d want this done before buying the place. For example, some older homes only have bathtubs and no showers. A lot of people prefer showers, and they’ll want to have this feature installed by a company such as LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating. They could just set up a handheld showerhead connected to the faucet, but that’s not ideal.

Additional Features

The new owners also might want to have an additional toilet installed if there’s only one in the house. A basement that’s in good condition is a convenient location for this extra feature. Plumbers typically are asked to install a sink there too, so it’s easy for people to wash their hands. There might even be a request for a basic shower stall.

What to Do First

Before hiring a Local Plumber in Bellingham WA to tackle this project, it’s a good idea to evaluate all the plumbing in the home so any other issues can be taken care of during the same appointment. That will save money for the customers. They’ve no doubt already noticed if the kitchen faucet leaks and cannot be fixed just by installing a new washer. They’ve been irritated about the toilet running sometimes after the tank fills. Check the website Lavergneplumbing.com for details on one particular plumbing contractor.

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