A Look at One Popular Style of Asian Food in Los Angeles Today

May 27, 16 A Look at One Popular Style of Asian Food in Los Angeles Today

Although they are known around the country for the carefulness with which they watch their figures, the residents of Los Angeles and surrounding areas are also great lovers of food. Of all the many global cuisines that can be found in Los Angeles, many of the most popular of all with locals originate from Asia. With many different communities of Asian immigrants having lived in the Los Angeles for decades and more, some great related dining options have cropped up since.

One of the most popular kinds of Asian Food in Los Angeles at the present time is that imported from Korea. With a long, rich history and many cultural influences from China to the north, South Korea is the home to an extremely distinctive cuisine. While Germans and residents of certain European countries to the east might be prodigious consumers of cabbage, Koreans take this passion to the next level. On a per-capita basis, in fact, South Koreans shame the rest of the world with their consumption of this health-enhancing vegetable, with many enjoying it in a fermented form known as kimchi at almost every meal.

Kimchi is delicious in its own right and also an appropriate introduction to what makes Korean food so special. A far more evolved form of fermented cabbage than the sauerkraut that is so emblematic of Germany, kimchi incorporates a distinctively Korean strain of dried chili, powder from dehydrated shrimp, and other special seasonings. The tart and spicy but savory flavor that results is a fair reflection of the palette that makes many other Korean dishes special and distinctive.

One of the trendiest kinds of Asian Food in Los Angeles in recent years, for example, is a Korean specialty known as bibimbap. As the Korean name implies to those who speak the language, bibimbap is a generally informal dish that sees a variety of delicious additions being placed atop some steaming rice. In most cases, a serving of bibimbap will be offered in a bowl warm enough that raw ingredients like egg or thinly sliced meat can be cooked through as they are mixed in with the rest. As those who look at more info online will understand, this Korean dish can be both comforting and exciting at once.

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