A Portal of Art in One’s Home: Doors of Design

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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A doorway has a lot of significance in the modern world. There is a rich history to gates, portals, doors and passageways dating back to Ancient Roman civilization. Romans had a God, Janus, who represented the two sides of each doorway as a passage, a choice between two different paths in life. Today one finds doors still play a highly significant role in life. Doors provide first impressions, they color perceptions of each and every room one enters. Passing through a doorway can even sometimes make one forget what he or she was thinking about. So it comes as no surprise that there is a lot of focus on finding the right doors to express a certain feeling or mood.

Getting the luxury interior doors in Marco Island Florida does not have to be a task wrought with misunderstanding. Interior designers like those at EBL Interiors still understand that a home is a personal representation of those that live in it. Do not worry, one does not have to forego the function for sophistication. Interior designers strive to provide buyers with beautiful, timeless construction to suit any home. A key to constructing or renovating a home is meeting and understanding the design philosophy of the buyer.

Doors can be works of art that add a visually memorable aesthetic to the home with artistic detail. Getting the right interior designer can be the difference between a simple portal between rooms and a fine crafted adornment of wood or glass that invites the eye and triggers something special in the viewer. A wide array of options exists for both glass and wood. Fine glass doors can be beveled, sandblasted, sculpted, and refined to create an intricate almost illusory quality and style like no other. Wooden doors offer a rich feeling of vitality in a multitude of styles that set off various feelings or moods. High-tech, high-gloss doors can also provide a transforming flare to any room with finishes of wood or glass available.

Find a designer that wants to make the luxury interior doors in Marco Island Florida that suit your needs. Know that interior designers are passionate and dedicated to bringing each buyer’s vision to fruition.

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