A Rediscovered Chlorine Free Water Treatment

Jul 07, 20 A Rediscovered Chlorine Free Water Treatment

Chlorine was first added to our swimming pools in the late nineteenth century as an extremely effective method of protecting people against diseases of that period such as cholera and typhoid. It was so successful at disease prevention the authorities added more and more chlorine to the water, probably thinking ‘the more the better’! Although chlorine worked very well against contracting illnesses, it unfortunately was later realized that it attacks healthy human body tissue as well. Even today a vast amount of swimming pools, commercial and industrial pools and tanks can contain huge amounts of chlorine to keep their water sanitized, free from algae and other unwanted build-up.

However, there is another effective chlorine free Electrodeionization System water treatment alternative which was first discovered and used by the Greeks and Egyptians centuries ago realizing the sanitizing powers of copper and benefits of keeping their water in silver jars. In 1967 this technology was successfully used by NASA scientists to produce safe drinking water aboard the ‘Apollo’ flights. This technology works by using an ionization process which produces a mineral pure system which is successfully used in a multitude of water systems worldwide.

This system consists of a specialized control box which contains a scientifically designed set of electrodes. This control box generates a specific low voltage DC current to the electrodes which causes some of the outermost atoms to lose an electron, thereby becoming positive ions. These positive ions are flushed on the return line of the pool equipment into the system to help protect the water. Unlike certain alternative sanitizers the silver and copper ions will remain in the water until they flocculate and can be removed with filter equipment. Some ions remain in the water offering residual nontoxic purification and help to prevent re-contamination.
The adverse effects of using chlorine in our water systems are becoming more apparent. Aside from the massive costs in both time and money needed to clean algae from pool/container walls, to purchase cleaning products, parts for generators which have corroded due to salt contact, the purchase of algaecides and replacement pool equipment such as hoses, vinyl covers, spa equipment and pool cleaners, there are even more important human costs.

When used in swimming pools or at home in our baths and showers, the levels of chlorine can contribute to undesirable health conditions. It can encourage our skins to become dry, itchy and inflame eczema and dermatitis, irritate asthmatic conditions, (even for normal non-sufferers), and potentially cause sinus inflammation and puffy, red, sore eyes. It can contribute to dry brittle hair which loses color and condition. Also, chlorine can absorb through the skin which not desirable as it’s a harsh and potentially dangerous chemical.

It is a proven scientific and medical fact that copper ions assist in the killing of pool algae and silver ions assist in killing of viruses and bacteria. Silver is in fact used in hospital settings in their water supplies and certain medical treatments. Therefore a chlorine free water system offers a more ecologically friendly environment for both humans and other mammals.

The company Agape Water Solutions, Inc. have produced an excellent cost saving and efficient way of almost replacing the need for chlorine in water, although a residual amount has to remain to comply with the laws of each state or country. In 1989 NASA granted license to this company to commercialize the technology of the Mineral Pure System; this system offers a safe, effective way of treating water and is available for commercial, residential and industrial use. It produces water the way it should be, as nature’s most pure gift. It’s special ionization process is successfully used worldwide to treat pools, cisterns, water towers, orchards and vineyards, greenhouses, quarries and for irrigation and agricultural purposes.

Although it is correct, some type of oxidizer will still need to be used so you can cut down chlorine usage by up to seventy five per cent; the Mineral Pure System called Ozone Max will further cut down the need to use oxidizers frequently. Although the ionizer system will effectively kill algae and larva formation they cannot burn or oxidize debris which accumulates in the water, such as lotions and oils, but a non-chlorine potassium monopersuFlfate can be purchased for this purpose. There is a test kit provided with this chlorine free water treatment, the Mineral Pure System, which is simple to use and ensures proper ion levels are maintained. The electrodes of this system will occasionally need replacing but this is not a difficult or expensive process, completed by a trained engineer.

Agape Water Solutions, Inc. works hard to ensure their chlorine free water treatment, the Mineral Pure System, is brought to as many facilities as possible in order to vastly reduce the need for chlorine usage. They have donated an amount of these purification systems to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium where these have been successfully used to clean hundreds of thousands of gallons of salt water, making it a better, safer and friendly environment for its many animals. These companies wish is to bring this technology to all who want to experience a much safer and more ecologically friendly environment. They would love to hear from you and can be contacted through their website today!

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