A Water Test in Hartford, WI, Determines the Level of Mineral Content

Jun 22, 20 A Water Test in Hartford, WI, Determines the Level of Mineral Content

A water test in Hartford, WI, can determine exactly how much dissolved mineral content is in a home’s tap water. People commonly refer to a high level of minerals as hard water. Those who call for testing already know there is more mineral content than they would like. They’ve noticed limescale building up around plumbing fixtures, and they may have realized they are using more soap than should be necessary.

Minerals in Groundwater

Household water supplies come from groundwater that is pumped to the surface. Underground, the liquid runs over rocks and naturally picks up some minerals. The two most prevalent minerals in tap water are calcium and magnesium. Potassium, iron and manganese sometimes occur, but this is more likely in rural wells than in municipal supplies.

These minerals are not harmful. Some individuals even like the flavor of hard water. That’s why several bottled water producers add minerals to their products.

A Nuisance

However, hard water ends up being a nuisance for households. Scaly hard material develops around faucets and basins due to mineral reaction with soap. Minerals also decrease the effectiveness of soap in the laundry, shower and elsewhere. The household has to use more. A water test in Hartford, WI, can verify how significant the problem is.


Water with very low or no mineral content is referred to as soft water. A softener can be installed that ends the home’s problems with excessive dissolved mineral content. People who are interested in these appliances can learn more about them at http://schaeferssoftwater.com, the website for Schaefer’s Soft Water.

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