All About Pet Grooming in Alexandria

Jun 28, 18 All About Pet Grooming in Alexandria

Different dog breeds have a variety of grooming needs, making it difficult to determine the best way to clean and trim an animal’s coat. Some breeds need frequent grooming, while others may only need to be groomed every three to four months. Although a pet owner can research some of this information online, grooming a pet without professional training can prove to be beyond challenging. Pets that are known for being difficult or uncooperative often need to be in the hands of a professional groomer. Pet owners in need of Pet Grooming in Alexandria can Visit us for complete information.


Every pet owner should be comfortable with leaving the pet in the care of the groomer for at least two to four hours. Since more than one pet is usually present, a groomer can choose to isolate certain pets in cages or crates when they are not being groomed in order to avoid conflict with other animals. This will depend upon the animal’s temperament, but a trained professional will be able to ensure a pet is placed in the best of circumstances. Most groomers require proof of the pet’s vaccinations for rabies, although some may require proof of other vaccinations for bordetella and distemper.

Selecting a Groomer

The selection of a groomer will depend upon research, recommendations, convenience and personal experience. Many pet groomers work in independent businesses, but some work in pet store chains and others work in pet daycare facilities. Searching for the best Pet Grooming in Alexandria will involve research on prices and client recommendations. It is more convenient for pet owners that take their pets to a daycare facility to have the in-house groomer take care of the pet’s grooming needs during daycare hours. For other owners, it is more convenient to drop off the pet for a few hours on the weekend at an independent facility.

Choosing the right groomer for a pet’s needs does not have to be a difficult process. A good groomer will review the pet’s coat and make suggestions based on the breed’s needs. A schnauzer may only need detailed grooming on the face and the limbs, while a Wheaten Terrier may need frequent full-body grooming. Ask potential groomers about costs and services included in those costs. Seek out value, but also the services of those that come with solid recommendations from past and current clients.

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