Arm strength is needed to pitch faster

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Sports, Sports And Games

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All baseball players must undergo specific conditioning all aimed at increasing their bat speed, maximum hitting power, throwing velocity, eye-hand coordination and overall strength to avoid injury during the season. The training that a baseball player undergoes is nothing like the training a weightlifter for example goes through. All sports have specific exercises that have been designed to improve performance, in the case of baseball, although weights are used, they are not used for the same reasons. When enhancing an individual’s strength it is not always necessary to add bulk, the focus is honing and strengthening complete muscle groups so they work in total harmony. Baseball players, regardless of the position they play go through specific training regimen in the off-season, early pre-season, towards the end of pre-season ball and during the season. One of the important drills for the pitcher is how to pitch faster and not lose accuracy.

The game has a lull, from the last game of the season to the beginning of spring training. During this period of time the players are actually in downtime, it is now when they attend to their dietary needs as well as participating in light exercises such as jogging or yoga. This period in the year really is not a part of the training routine.

The whole thing starts with early pre-season, this starts about six weeks before the regular season starts. During early pre-season training, the whole team works on cardio exercises, stretching muscles that have not been used in a while, hitting practice and working on how to pitch faster. At this time of the year the players are getting their body back into the rhythm of the game, working on honing the muscle groups that are used in the game of baseball. The exercises and conditioning at this time is not exhausting, it focuses on flexibility and the skills needed in the game; hitting, running and throwing.

Later in the pre-season is when the training intensifies. This is the time of year when the teams play exhibition ball, this is when the players peak, at this time the players move to weight training as now is the time to arrive at maximum strength which will be needed to go through the season without injury. The strength training develops the muscle groups that are used for speed and reaction. The combination of speed and strength is what converts into the ability of the pitcher to pitch faster and the position players to throw harder and faster and field the balls.

During the season the players focus on maintaining themselves at the same level of performance they had on opening day.

As a minor league player you will want to learn how to pitch faster without losing accuracy. With the instructional DVD that has been produced by Pitch Harder, you can quickly raise your pitching velocity.

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