Arrested for Drunk Driving? Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer in Tyler TX Immediately

A drunk driving arrest is very different than most other arrests. In this case the person probably didn’t wake up in the morning and decide to break the law. They were probably thinking about having a few beers with friends and watching the game. So when they leave a bar and are quickly arrested as they drive away, they will likely be terrified and overwhelmed with confusion. However innocent their intentions, they could be facing serious charges. Therefore they need to call a DUI Defense Lawyer in Tyler TX as fast as possible.

Many people wrongly believe if no one was injured and it’s their first offense, that a DUI charge is no big deal. An attorney from Holmes, Moore, Waldron, & Parrish P.L.L.C. will explain that a DUI conviction could lead to the loss of their license and even jail time. Even if they escape jail, they face years of high insurance premiums when they get their license back. They will also have a felony conviction on their record which can lead to a tougher sentence, if they are ever convicted of another crime. Police detectives are skilled interrogators and know how to make people incriminate themselves. When the defendant’s lawyer arrives, they are protected from any untrue promises the police might make.

Even if a person had been drinking, there are ways for an attorney to defend against the charges. A person in Tyler TX is allowed to call their lawyer for advice before they submit to a blood alcohol test. The only restriction is that the call can’t interfere with a timely police investigation. If a person is in an accident and the doctors take blood without the patient’s consent to treat him quickly, the police have only limited access to any information from it. Even if the police see a person leaving a bar, they cannot assume that they are drunk. They must give specific reasons why they stopped him. If the police violated any of these complex rules, the charges can be reduced or even thrown out by a judge.

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