Art Crating Los Angeles

by | Sep 4, 2013 | Moving

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Have you ever shipped a piece of art only to have it arrived damaged? It isn’t difficult for art to be damaged in transit if it isn’t packaged carefully, and sometimes it isn’t possible to fix or replace. If it was a real expensive piece, or if you had an attachment to it, this can be especially disappointing.

There is a method to avoid these disappointments. There is a company named Art Pack that does Art Crating Los Angeles. With Art Crating your artwork is protected in a sturdy box. The crates are custom built from durable wood.

The crate will be produced the day you order it. While sturdy and durable are safe and easy to move through the shipping facilities. You can trust that your art will be safe during shipping.

Art Pack has over forty years experience with Art Crating Los Angeles. They can work with you to find a crate that won’t break your bank. As a family owned business you can expect them to treat you well.

Art Crating Los Angeles crates aren’t only for shipping. After you ship the artwork you can use the crates to store them in and keep them safe and clean. Then, if you ever need to ship it again, you have the crate all nice and handy.

Art pack also has an option to store your art with them. You can ship it to them in the crate you order and they will receive it at a warehouse. Before storing the item they will open the package and inspect it to make sure nothing went wrong. They will then store it in a humidity and temperature controlled room that is dust free. There are different storage options for length of time you need your art stored. The museum quality rooms are not open to the public, and have state of the art security systems.

Whether shipping or storing, Art Crating Los Angeles with Art Pack is a good idea to keep your precious art work safe. Contact them for a quote and get your art protected before something happens to it.

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