Asking Family Dentists in Childress, TX About Electric Toothbrush Use for Children

Nov 13, 19 Asking Family Dentists in Childress, TX About Electric Toothbrush Use for Children

Electric toothbrushes are useful for older men and women who have trouble gripping a narrow manual brush. When considering this, parents of young children might wonder whether electric models would be beneficial for kids since they do not have very good fine motor coordination yet. Family dentists in Childress, TX may very well view powered brushes as helpful for youngsters.

Additional Features

Some powered brushes available today have many additional features. Some alert the user if too much force is being applied, for example. Some have a setting for sensitive teeth to provide a gentler cleaning.


Children with certain types of disabilities are probably already using electric toothbrushes and having excellent checkup results with Dentists in Childress, TX. A youngster with a certain level of cerebral palsy, for instance, may be able to do many daily living activities but find gripping and moving a toothbrush around the mouth to be extremely difficult. Holding a larger powered base and letting the electricity do the work is ideal.

Manual Brushing

It’s important for children to eventually become skilled at manual brushing too, as long as they have the capability. There may be times when the power is out and they still have to brush their teeth. Kids who grow up to become adults who love tent camping must have a way to keep their teeth clean even without electricity.

Kids might find electric brushes to be really fun at first, but they might later decide they like manual brushing better. More activity is required for manual brushing as compared with simply holding an electric device and slowly moving it around the mouth. The youngsters may find satisfaction in being able to fully control the manual brush once they have better coordination.

Oral Hygiene

No matter which brush the child uses, his or her parents need to monitor the youngster’s oral hygiene activity until they know the child is doing everything thoroughly and correctly. They want to prevent the child from having any tooth cavities that would need to be filled at a clinic such as Panhandle Dental. Visit the website to learn about this particular dental practice.

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