Avoiding Illegitimate and Untrustworthy Bail Bond Agents in Phoenix

Sep 22, 20 Avoiding Illegitimate and Untrustworthy Bail Bond Agents in Phoenix

More people go to jail in the United States than anywhere in the world. Judges grant most people who’ve been arrested bond, a cash amount defendants can surrender to get released from police custody. Although the industry is regulated, scammers may prey on arrestees and their family members by offering illegitimate Phoenix bail bonds. Follow these tips to avoid falling victim to bail bond scams.

Independently Verify Bail Bondsmen’s Licenses

In the Grand Canyon State, the Arizona Department of Insurance grants licenses to qualified bail bond agents. These professionals are legally required to share their license information with potential customers. After receiving this information, reach out to the Arizona Department of Insurance and ask them to verify the license. The agency offers this service at no charge.

Read About Bail Bonds Company Online

Most people research restaurants, hotels, and other businesses online before going shopping. You shouldn’t treat bail bond agents any differently. After creating a list of bondsmen in the Phoenix area, look online for reviews about them. You should avoid all bail bond agents that have no reviews online or that only have bad customer reviews.

Don’t Trust Bail Bond Companies That Contact You First

In the United States, municipalities regularly release lists of inmates they’ve recently incarcerated. Some scam artists reach out to recently-incarcerated people and their family members to offer assistance with Phoenix bail bonds. Avoid all supposed bail bond agents who reach out to you first.

If you’re looking for help from a legitimate bail bond agent, contact Sanctuary Bail Bonds Phoenix at https://www.sanctuarybailbond.com.

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