Beautiful Roof Designs for New Homes in Davenport, Iowa

Mar 16, 20 Beautiful Roof Designs for New Homes in Davenport, Iowa

If you are fixing to hire someone to do roof installation in Davenport, IA, on your new home, then you need to choose a roof design that you like and that meets your environmental needs. While you can always change the roofing materials, your roof design is much more costly and difficult to change, so it is vital to get it right the first time.

A gable roof, which is sometimes called a pitched roof, has a triangular shape. The design of these roofs makes them easily shed water and snow. They also can provide additional space for a finished attic or a substantial storage space. Be cautious of the amount of overhang because high winds can lift these roofs off of homes.

Hip roofs are another possible choice. These roofs have slopes on all sides that come together at the top to form a ridge. Make sure that the pitch is steep enough that high winds cannot get underneath. You can easily add a dormer or a crow’s nest to provide extra living space.

You may also want to think about gambrel roof installation in Davenport, IA. These roofs have two slopes on two sides of the house, with the bottom slope being almost vertical. Then, boards are used to join the two sides together to form the roof. These roofs are great if you want a loft space. They can be some of the cheapest roofs to have installed because they use only two roof beams.

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