Best Countertops for Household Chefs in Plymouth MN

Jun 24, 20 Best Countertops for Household Chefs in Plymouth MN

When seeking a change in the look of the kitchen, homeowners can elect a full kitchen remodel or elect to upgrade existing components of the kitchen. One component that can be upgraded to change the look and feel of the kitchen are the countertops. With so many trends in Minneapolis, homeowners can visit best countertops store for expertise on Countertops Plymouth MN.

There are several material options to choose from when electing to redesign countertops. If you are a household chef and spend hours in the kitchen cooking up your family’s favorite meals, then you want to find the countertops that will have the durability and ease of cleaning you need. Family chefs seeking Countertops Plymouth MN can elect from the following three popular materials. They combine toughness and easy cleaning with an appeasing aesthetic.


Granite is by far the most popular material used for the installation of kitchen countertops. Aside from the unarguable durability, the material is heat resistant and can withstand the high temperatures of those hot pots full of chili. No worries when you are chopping away at those onions. The surface is also scratch resistant. If you are looking to go with a less traditional look, honed-granite offers a more bold matte coating.


Quartz can often be mistaken as granite. It offers the same, if not more, durability as its granite counterpart. In addition, it is resistant to common kitchen surface discolorations such as wine and oil. In contrast to granite, quartz can be purchased in a wide variety of colors. This makes it easier to accommodate a vast amount of design looks. Quartz would be suitable for a chef that likes to handle large slabs of meat and/or cooks for a larger than average family.


If you love to chop up all your ingredients for a fresh meal and want to avoid the constant grabbing of a cutting board, then a wood countertop may be the best option for you. Imagine one giant cutting surface available 24/7. Aside from the obvious advantage, wood countertops also offer a heat-resistant surface. Long-term wear and tear from repetitive cutting can be easily remedied with a quick sanding. If cost is an issue or wood doesn’t necessarily fulfill your visual transformation needs, homeowners can elect a wood surface on just an island to change the functionality.

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