Build an Oasis with Rock Pools

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Articles, Swimming Pools

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Rock Pools are a great way to turn a backyard into a personal oasis. They can be designed and built to fit any size space, so it is possible to have one even in the smallest property. A customized pool is more affordable than home owners may think, and financing is available. There is little maintenance and pools are energy-efficient, so operating and caring for a rock pool will not incur many costs. It is important that the pool is of high-quality to avoid expensive repairs. Look for a company that has been in business for decades and has state-of-the-art equipment for constructing the pool.

Design services are also needed because there are so many options for Rock Pools. Rocks come is a variety of type, shape, size, and colour, so it can be overwhelming to decide on which to choose. A designer will discuss the wants and needs of the customer, consider the space available, and come up with several possibilities. Optional features include caves, waterfalls, slides, tropical plants, and separate spa space. Customers can go to to view examples of finished Rock Pools, get a free customized quote, and set up an appointment to meet with a designer.

A unique pool will increase the value of the property, provide relaxation and fun for the family, and allow home owners to entertain in style well into the future. Other options for customized pools include Eco-friendly pools, vanishing edge pools, and spools. A spool is a pool that is bigger than a spa, but not as big as a standard swimming pool. It is perfect for small spaces, an individual, or a couple, and is more cost-effective to heat than a regular pool. Features, such as benches, therapy jets, blower ports, and swim jets, make a spool comfortable to lounge in or do water aerobics.

Pool technology has improved much over the past eight years, so things like automatic pool cleaners, computer operations, safety lighting, and low maintenance water filtration help to keep operating costs down. Older pools can be renovated and upgraded to include this technology, and have modern features added. That worn out pool in the backyard can remodeled to prolong the life of the pool, and to provide new enjoyment for the family.

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