Burnsville Supportive Apartments for Residential Care During Early Recovery

Sep 29, 22 Burnsville Supportive Apartments for Residential Care During Early Recovery

Men and women who have been dealing with alcohol addiction for years may eventually lose nearly everything they care about. The spouse might leave, and the employer might issue a termination notice after repeated warnings. Often called “hitting rock bottom,” this circumstance may finally lead a person to seek rehabilitative treatment. Afterward, services for residential care in Burnsville can help the individual move forward with a new healthy lifestyle.

Supportive Apartments

One option for a person who has lost his or her home is a supportive apartment environment geared toward transitioning. The intention is to guide the client back to independent living by providing a stable housing situation and mental health support services. The individual is better able to find a job and begin rebuilding savings with this income.

New Friendships

This environment also provides emotional support from other residents. Each resident might have an independent apartment but living in the same building allows them to become acquaintances and friends. The person in recovery learns how to establish and maintain friendships without alcohol use as the main activity.

Continued Support

Once the person has been working for a while and is financially stable again, moving out of the supportive apartment setting will likely become desirable at some point. Continued residential care in Burnsville is available upon request at the client’s home. This allows people who need continued mental health support to easily obtain it without having to travel to another location. That can be a hardship for someone who doesn’t own a vehicle.

Details on Options Residential Inc. can be known by scheduling an appointment with them at the earliest.

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