Business Insurance In Conroe TX for Real Estate Agents

If you are thinking of opening your own Real Estate Agency you must be aware of the possible pitfalls in the legal area. Business Insurance in Conroe TX would be glad to discuss these possible problems you my incur. Under a Professional Liability Policy your company would be covered for claims involving buyer’s remorse, wrongful discrimination as well as personal injury. This is something you must have to run your agency efficiently as well as giving you peace of mind.

Under buyer’s remorse there may be an instance when you sell someone property and they may feel later that you overcharged them for your own personal gain. You could face a claim that your agency did not do all it could to establish the actual value of the land or home you have sold them. This Professional Liability Policy would cover you even if the claims of your client are completely unfounded. You can also be charged with wrongful discrimination if someone feels that you did not offer to sell them a home because of their race, gender or religion even if it is completely untrue. At Metro Allied Insurance these are the two most common instances that real estate agencies face when involved in legal battles. Your policy will also provide any counsel you may need.

Another coverage that is offered on a Professional Liability Policy at Business Insurance in Conroe TX is that of personal liability. This portion of the policy works much in the same way as it does on your homeowners or renters policy. You are covered if anyone was to visit your office and injure themselves on your property. It will also cover you if you were to visit their property, on business, and do any damage to their home, office or equipment.

Real Estate is just one of the professions that Metro Allied Insurance offers in the line of Business Insurance. Regardless of what business you may decide to go into, or are currently working in, a quick phone call to discuss what coverage you must have would be a wise investment of your time.

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