Car Flags: A Traditional Advertising Option That Keeps Gaining Speed

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Business

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It is hard to imagine a better way to get your team, organization, business, special event or fundraiser noticed that to provide people with car flags to use on their vehicles. This is much better option than radio or television ads and also much more target specific than big internet campaigns that may not even be seen by the people in your own community.

There are many different types of car flags and they come in a variety of sizes, styles and options. Choosing the right flag for your promotion starts with taking a bit of time and considering your options.

Attaching Flags to a Vehicle

Most companies selling car flags will provide different options for poles as well as flags. Usually car flags are mounted over a window and then the window is closed, holding the flag securely in place. Antenna flags, on the other hand, have a clip that allows you to simply snap them onto your vehicle’s antenna and they will stay on the vehicle even at highway speeds.

Another option to consider is a magnetic car flag. This can be attached anywhere on the vehicle and with a very strong magnet they are durable and practical. This also makes taking the flag on and off the vehicle very simple, ideal for car lots or dealerships or even for use on multiple vehicles.

Design Options

There are many different shapes and designs in car flags. Popular options are the miniature versions of a standard flag, typically printed on both sides and 2 ply for added strength and durability. For giveaway flags you can also opt for a lower cost single ply flag that is still top quality.

However, you can choose a pennant style flag that has a custom edge or shape, which is very popular for sports teams and fundraising types of events. You can customize the colors, logos and message on the flag to highlight your promotion, game or team.

For a really unique look in car flags and one that is sure to catch people’s attention you may want to consider a miniature windsock car flag. With streamers this is a very visible, highly mobile type of flag with the actual windsock itself providing lots of room for your advertising and message.

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