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by | Feb 21, 2012 | Dentistry

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As important as it is to see your dentist in Katy regularly, it is equally important to make sure to verify the qualifications of your dentist and other health care professionals. Most of us simply walk into a doctor’s or dentist’s office and simply trust that they have the training and experience that is necessary. Most of the time they do; however, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting this week of a 58-year-old man who has been arrested and charged with practicing dentistry without a license. Nevio Morias had allegedly set up a dentist practice in an apartment in Cobb County.

An investigator went to the apartment in January complaining of a toothache. He found that Morias had a dentist’s chair, instruments, and a device that appeared to be an X-ray machine. According to the investigator’s report, Morias looked in his mouth and told the investigator that he had an inflammation that would require an extraction. He then allegedly told the investigator that the extraction could be performed for $100.

Morias then gave the investigator a pill for the inflammation. The investigator told Morias that he would return for the tooth extraction when he had the $100. Following the visit, a warrant was obtained for Morias’s arrest when the investigator determined that Morias does not hold a dentist’s license in Georgia.

In this day and age, it is hard to imagine that such a horrific situation could even exist. However, cases of unscrupulous individuals posing as doctors, dentists, and other professionals have become all too common. Most of us believe that we are too smart to be taken in by such swindlers, and generally, we are. However, one of the ways of being that smart is to inquire as to the credentials of any doctor or dentist that we visit in Katy.

Just as you wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic without first verifying that the mechanic is trained and certified to work on your particular make and model, do not let anyone perform medical or dental procedures on you or your children without first verifying training and certification. Do not be afraid that you will offend your dentist or doctor, either. Most professionals are happy to share their credentials with their patients. They worked a long, hard time obtaining them, so showing them to others is a source of pride rather than annoyance. By taking just a few minutes to check, you can assure that your dentist in Katy is capable of providing the care that is being promised.

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