Check Your Tires When There’s Snow

May 08, 19 Check Your Tires When There’s Snow

Tupelo MS gets an average of 18 inches of snow each winter. It is not an excessive amount of snow, but it is enough to warrant having all-season tires on your vehicle. Though all-season tires are not meant specifically for snow, they are meant to provide safe driving in all weather conditions. Regardless of which kind of tires you choose to put on your vehicle, however, it is always a good idea to check your tires regularly.

Because under-inflated tires wear at an increased rate, be sure to check the inflation of your tires at least once each month. Tires should be inflated to the appropriate PSI to save on gas, eliminate the possibility of a blow-out, and prevent unnecessary wear on the tires. If your tires are under- or over-inflated, adjust the pressure accordingly.

Inspecting your tires involves more than just their pressure, however. The wear of the tires should also be gauged. If you look in between the grooves of the tire tread, there are raised patches called “wear bars.” These bars enable you to tell if the tire is too worn. When the tread is level with the bars, it is time to replace the tires. Some tires do not have wear bars, so you can check by putting a penny in the grooves of the tires. If the tread does not reach President Lincoln’s head, then the tire is worn and needs replacing.

In addition to checking for proper pressure and tread, you will want to check tires for excessive wear or bulging. Be on the lookout for nails, cracking, or punctures. If anything about the tire is amiss, have the tires checked and replace the tires, if necessary.

Driving on a snowy or icy Chester roadway is not the time to discover that you have bad tires. Regular inspection of your tires will help to keep you and other drivers on the road safely. When you do have to drive in wintry conditions, check your brakes and steering as you start out to make sure that it is safe to drive. Slow down and take special caution on turns and when going down a steep hill. Remember that bridges will ice over more quickly than other road services, and be sure to watch out for “black ice.” Never use your cruise control when the roads are wet or covered with ice or snow. Finally, do not follow other cars too closely.

Checking tires in Tupelo MS  regularly and following these simple safety tips will help to ensure that you and other drivers on the road make it through Tupelo MS.

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