Choosing Quality Water Heaters Repair Falls Church, VA

Hot water is something you miss when it is gone. Your water heater is the device that heats up your water so you can comfortably shower and effectively clean your home. Without a way to heat your water, you would have to take cold showers and clean with cold water.

While cold water has its place in your life, hot water is needed to ensure sanitary conditions for cleaning, laundry, and bathing. Quality water heaters repair Falls Church, VA and replacement services are what you need to get your hot water back. The following will discuss things you should know about water heaters.

What is a water heater?

Heating water is a thermodynamic process that requires an energy source and a device to make it happen. Water heaters are considered appliances and are an essential one in almost every home. If something goes wrong with one of these units professional quality water heaters repair Falls Church, VA services will be needed.

What are the two main types of water heaters?

1) Conventional water heaters have a storage tank that holds hot water for use when needed.

2) Tankless units, also known as on-demand water heaters, do not store water. Instead the water passes through coils that heat the water so it’s hot on demand.

What are the power sources for water heating units?

Electric, natural gas, propane gas, and solar are the main power sources used for the operation of water heaters. Quality water heaters repair services in Falls Church, VA should be able to repair any type, size, brand, or style of water heater.

What can go wrong with a water heater?

The pilot light can go out on a gas powered unit. If you are unable to light it yourself, you can call in a plumber.

If the pilot light does not work right, it might be an issue with the control valve.

Heating elements are a common problem with electric units.

Water heaters can leak, the water can smell bad, sediment can collect in the unit, the thermostat can go bad, the dip tube could get damaged, or the unit could be abnormally loud.

Quality water heaters repair services in Falls Church, VA are available to help fix what doesn’t work on your water heater. All Plumbing Inc. offers a variety of plumbing services including water heater repair and replacement. The best way to ensure you maintain hot water at home is to hire quality services.

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