Choosing The Best Liquid Propane Generator

May 30, 15 Choosing The Best Liquid Propane Generator

A generator is a device that is powered by a fuel source; it outputs electricity in the event of a power failure in the service area. Generators have been traditionally powered by gasoline or diesel; today there are new models that are powered by liquid propane gas. Although propane is also a fossil fuel derived from crude oil refining it is seen to be cleaner and safer when used around a home. When you set out to purchase a stand-by generator for your home there are a number of things to consider to ensure you get exactly what you need to satisfy your unique demands. Generac generators services in Elmhurst are a great place to start.

The first decision that must be made is whether a portable unit or a fixed standby unit is better for what you need. A portable generator is small and often has built in wheels or carrying frame, this unit will provide power for a few hours using small tank of propane. On the other hand, a standby generator is considerably larger and is a permanent fixture. A true standby generator will be fed via a fuel pipe directly from a large tank of propane. Units of this nature can run continuously for days or even weeks. The choice you finally make will have a lot to do with the frequency of power failures in your area and the electrical load you wish to deal with.

Generac generators services in Elmhurst can help determine the correct size of generator. This calculation takes into account the sum total of all the power used by critical appliances in your home. Most electrical appliances have a label which gives the wattage, it is also easy to estimate the wattage used. In general, a single family home that wants to have eight circuits and a window air conditioner will need a unit ratted at 7,000 watts whereas a home that wants ten circuits and they want to run the central air conditioner will need about 10,000 watts.

Rarely will a portable unit be available for these higher wattages, at best you might find one that delivers 6 or 7,000 watts, for anything higher a fixed standby unit is required, they are commonly available up to about 16,000 watts; obviously the higher the wattage the higher the price so this must be taken into account.

Generac generators services in Elmhurst supply, install, maintain and repair the complete range of Generac Backup and standby generators for your home. You are welcome to contact Penco Generators, Inc for complete details.

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