Cleaning Industrial Holding Tanks in Lima, Ohio is Important

Nov 14, 19 Cleaning Industrial Holding Tanks in Lima, Ohio is Important

A lot of people don’t know what the word “aeration” means. In a septic system, it means the tiny bacteria inside the tank that actually thrive on waste need a little help with the introduction of oxygen to the tank’s waste-water. Once the bacteria receive the needed oxygen, their work is faster, easier to do, and they’ll do it more efficiently. Other property owners aerate their ponds and lakes for the same reason. Septic systems are a wonderful alternative when property owners live in rural areas where there is no public sewer system available, but they need to be maintained properly.

Businesses Also Need Good Septic Systems

Just like homes, businesses in rural areas also need good septic systems. Bluffton Aeration Services also introduces oxygen into the Industrial Holding Tanks in Lima Ohio. These companies also need their tanks emptied and tanks thoroughly cleaned. Quite often they’ll require the repair of or the replacement of trench-less pipes.

Cleaning of Grease Traps

For restaurant owners, healthcare facilities, schools, and any other facilities that fry foods in oil, septic companies will stop to clean the grease traps and pump the Industrial Holding Tanks in Lima Ohio at regular intervals. Grease trap cleaning is a required procedure that, by law, must be done. When an aeration septic system company stops to clean the septic system or flush out drains, it’s wise to have them come back and clean the grease traps.

Proper Maintenance of Septic Systems

Most property owners don’t consider what’s going on under the ground and inside their septic system. The system is very intricate and delicate considering the hard work the little bacteria do to treat the waste. Most septic service companies will go out of their way to let customers know how important properly maintaining a septic system is.

Chemicals Destroy Needed Bacteria

Nothing but human waste and wastewater should be introduced into the septic tanks. No plastics, personal items, paints, fingernail polish, or chemicals that can kill the bacteria should be flushed into these delicate systems.

Follow the Instructions of the Septic Company

Always follow the septic company’s instructions very seriously. No home or business should suffer a day without a good system because someone threw the wrong items into it.

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