Common Causes of Issues with a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Dec 18, 18 Common Causes of Issues with a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora

Today, a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora has some uses in both manufacturing machinery and construction equipment. Due to this, there are several reasons they may fail to work properly. Preventative maintenance, regular inspections, and proper use can help to reduce the possibility of problems with this part. However, getting to know some of the common causes of issues with the hydraulic cylinder can be beneficial. Keep reading to find out what these causes are.

Leaking Seal

The seal may be leaking for several reasons. It could b because it doesn’t fit properly or there are marks or corrosion on the cylinder seal grooves. Other issues include incorrect metalwork clearances or oil contamination. These are just a few of the reasons the seal of a Hydraulic Cylinder in Aurora may leak.

Corroded Barrel

This is a failure that results from water or other types of contaminants being in the oil. This may also indicate improper use of the equipment. In some cases, a repair can be made by obstructing the way impurities enter the cylinder.

Broken Eye Bearing

Trying to force a cylinder to handle a load that’s heavier than it was designed for or shock loading can cause issues. If this is done, it may result in the eye bearing breaking. If this happens, it will have to be replaced.

Bent or Damaged Rod Bearings of Piston Rod

This is an operational issue that may be the result of overloading or by misalignment between the cylinder and the load. If this issue occurs, repairs or replacement is also needed.

Overheated Cylinder

If the cylinder has begun getting hot, it can prevent the entire system from properly operating. Other issues that may arise include damage to the seal components, the waste of electricity, and accelerated oil degradation.

When it comes to hydraulic cylinder issues, there are more than a few things that may occur. Being informed and knowing if there is an issue are the best ways to handle these problems. More information about the failure of these parts can be found by contacting the staff at Miller Hydraulic Service Inc.

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