Comparing Options for a New Furnace Installation

Jan 14, 22 Comparing Options for a New Furnace Installation

No matter how well a homeowner maintains a furnace, the day will come when a replacement is needed. Before that day arrives, it pays to begin thinking in terms of what type of features the new furnace needs to provide. Doing so will make it much easier to have a good idea of what make and model to select, something that will speed up the process of furnace installation considerably.

The Square Footage of the Home Before assuming that a furnace of the same size will suffice, it pays to take a second look at the square footage of the home. What alterations have taken place since that older unit was installed? Did the owner decide to enclose a back porch to create a den, or has another bedroom been added in the last few years? Even something like choosing to finish the basement or attic and turn it into usable space means there is more square footage to heat.

That will likely call for a furnace installation near Evanston that involves a larger model. New features like many other home heating and cooling solutions, furnaces are more sophisticated than in years past. The homeowner should take some time to explore the additional features offered with the models of today. There is a good chance that at least one or two of those newer features would be a big help.

For example, the ability to remotely change the heat settings for the furnace can come in very handy in terms of managing energy consumption. When the homeowner can program settings in advance to change over the course of the day, that will also help reduce energy consumption when no one is at home. Even if the old furnace is not quite ready to fail, now is the time to have a word with the experts at Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning.

Have a professional come out and evaluate the home in terms of the amount of space that the unit will have to heat adequately. Based on the particulars of the situation, the expert can recommend a unit that will keep the inside of the home at a comfortable temperature and also require less energy to do so.
If you need furnace installation service near Evanston, then contact Gleason Heating and Air Conditioning.

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